AHH Bra Review – A Definite Must-Read Before You Buy Any AHH Bras!

If you’re like me, you probably like to do some research on products you’re interested in before buying. With the AHH Bra, you are probably doing the same, which is why you landed on this page. Keep reading down as I’ll tell  you all you need to know about it, even the drawbacks! So you can be comfortable about your choice when you hit that ‘add to cart’ button.

What is The AHH Bra?

AHH Bra is a wireless bra that provides you with a comfortable feel like a sport’s bra while still giving you the support and definition that you want. Unlike sport’s bras, it still defines, lifts, and separates your breasts, this is the real issue with a normal sport’s bra you often end up having that ‘uni-boob’ look but the AHH bra  lets you have the comfort of wearing a sport’s bra and still have a great look.

What is so special about it?

The producer, Rhonda Shear claims that the AHH Bra is the attractive alternative bra that gives the everlasting comfort with stretch fabric (nylon and spandex) and a patented technology that supports, lifts, and defines breasts of all sizes, and all cups from A to DD. Choosing the right size  is supposedly easy as it matches the size of your clothing. It can be washed and dried with machines without losing its shape and it comes in many colors, so you have something to choose from.

Other Consumers’ Experiences

I agree that the AHH bra sound too good to be true but I’m not the only one that loves this bra. Here are some honest words from real people who have bought and use it daily…

 “This bra is everything advertised. Really like it. I Wish it had a little pad. Will look for one with this feature and will buy it.”

A. Wright, Amazon Reviews

“I recently purchased your Ahh Bras. They’re the most wonderful bras I have ever worn. 5 years ago I broke my arm & shoulder and haven’t been able to wear a bra since, until now. Thank you, thank you.”

Suzelle, AZ

“This ahhh bra was recommended by a friend. I’m now a fan and have now ordered 3 more…the only thing I would suggest is this bra with a bit of a molded cup to eliminate the pokeys…and the deeper the band the better. I wear a Medium.”

Carol Duncan, Nashville, TN

Complaints And Concerns

before and after photoBefore I decided to buy the AHH bra, I was browsing around through the different reviews and consumers’ feedback and found that while the AHH Bra is very comfortable to wear, many have found that it supports well only when you have smaller cup size. Girls with cup sizes of 40 DDD find it to be only good enough to wear around the house.

At the same time, many other women find that if you order one cup size down, the AHH Bra actually fits really well and that it feels much more comfortable than the regular bras.

Pros and Cons

Pros – AHH Bra certainly offers the comfort of a sports bra while still givinging the breast definition. Many consumers have agreed that its fabric feels nice and comfy for girls with cup sizes of A-C as well as providing good support.

Cons – The bra’s bottom band tends to roll up at times, but it’s usually not a big problem as that only happens if you choose the wrong size. Another drawback is the sizing; many find it difficult to find the right size of the bra especially when they order online. Below we cover how to choose the right size for you, just scroll down.

Many reviewers also find that the shipping takes a bit too long, and the cost of shipping and handling is rather expensive. I have to agree on this point but on the other hand it is cheap so the overall price for the bra is still cheaper than many other brands.

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My Personal Experience with the AHH Bra

Ahh-BraWhile I normally wear sport bras around the house for comfort, I longed to have the same comfort as a sport’s bra when I go out or go to work. The problem is that while sport’s bras can offer that nice feel, it does not look very nice. That’s the main reason why I decided to look into wireless bras like AHH Bra.

Most wireless bras available on the market can get pretty costly, and they do not offer many colors. But with AHH Bra, there are over 12 colors to choose from which I personally find as a plus.

If You Are Buying an AHH Bra, Here Are The Sizing Tips

It is important that you take this process seriously as if the bra is too loose, it won’t be able to offer the support and definition. Check out the sizing guideline below before making your purchase:

When picking an AHH Bra, two measurements are to be kept in mind; your bust size and shirt size. Your shirt size will match the bra size

Avoid Getting Scammed When You Buy AHH Bra

Now that you’re still reading this post, I assume you’re thinking seriously about buying an AHH Bra either for yourself or for someone as gifts! If so, you shouldn’t buy from one of those sites that offer ridiculously low prices because most people who have bought from some auction sites often find that they are fake copies. And the worst thing is, they are not even that much cheaper.

So in order to avoid getting scammed, I’d honestly recommend you buy directly from the official website! They offer good prices and are safe to buy from.  Right now they are running a special offer where you get 3 Ahh bras for the price of 1. I don’t think this offer will last much longer so you should head over to their website now and take advantage of this deal, or you can wait around and lose your chance to 2 free Ahh bras.

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