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raw broccoli carries a cancer fighting compound known as sulforaphane however when you cook your broccoli, you’re exterminating the enzyme known as myrosinase which renders sulforaphane available in your frame. so, while you mixture your broccoli with mustard, you may be making use of the extra dose of myrosinase in mustard to resource your frame in absorbing extra sulforaphane from broccoli.

tomato and avocado

taking tomato and avocado collectively, both as a salad or sandwich, will increase the vitamins intake of your frame. tomatoes contain antioxidants known as carotenoids and these antioxidants are without difficulty absorbed into the body when used with secure fats. researchers located that the aggregate of tomato and avocado has the ability to boost the absorption of antioxidants in tomato with the aid of 15 times more than when the tomato is taken on my own. if you do not like avocados, you may make use of different safe fat like flaxseed oil or olive oil.

onion and whole grains

your body desires zinc, a essential trace mineral that enables in appropriate growth as well as sustenance of your frame and its immune system. entire grains are desirable assets of zinc and boosting your entire grain sandwich with sliced onion will make certain that sulfurous compounds are delivered which help in increasing the uptake of zinc via the frame.

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