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it’s been available on the market for over 10 years to treat osteoporosis in human beings such as you.

forteo is a prescription medication given as a 20-microgram once-daily dose to be had in a 2.4-ml transport tool for subcutaneous injection over 28 days. think of your dedication to forteo as a dedication to yourself.

here is some critical protection records you must understand about forteo: viable bone most cancers. in the course of drug checking out, the drugs in forteo induced a few rats to expand a bone cancer referred to as osteosarcoma. in humans, osteosarcoma is a extreme however uncommon most cancers. osteosarcoma has not often been stated in those who took forteo. it is not recognized if humans who’ve taken the drug have a higher hazard of getting osteosarcoma.

earlier than you are taking it, you must inform your healthcare issuer if you have paget’s ailment of bone, are a infant or young person whose bones are nevertheless developing, or have had radiation remedy. see the difference forteo can make postmenopausal patient with osteoporosis before they have got taken the drug.

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